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Removal Proceedings

Removal proceedings at Shan Potts Law Offices


Removal proceedings, also known as deportation proceedings, are legal processes initiated by the U.S. government to determine whether a non-U.S. citizen should be removed from the United States. These proceedings take place in immigration court.


  • Individuals in removal proceedings have the right to be represented by an attorney.

  • The government must prove that the individual is removable by clear and convincing evidence.

  • Individuals have the right to present evidence and witnesses on their behalf.

Individuals facing removal proceedings, appealing BIA (Board of Immigration Appeals) decisions, or seeking justice in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals require experienced and knowledgeable attorneys from Shan Potts Law Offices to guide them through these intricate legal processes.

Shan Potts Law Offices offer indispensable services that encompass defense, advocacy, research, and representation. By guiding clients through the intricate legal processes, attorneys specializing in these areas are instrumental in safeguarding the rights and interests of immigrants, ensuring that the principles of due process and justice are upheld.


  • Removal Proceedings

  • BIA Appeal

  • 9th Circuit Appeal

  • Motion to Reopen

 BIA , 9th Circuit Appeals at Shan Potts Law Offices
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