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Diversity Visa Program 2016

Every year, the Department of State conducts a Diversity Immigrant Visa Program which provides immediate green cards for a class of “diversity immigrants”, from countries with low rates of immigration to the US. During the DV Lottery 2016, about 50,000 diversity visas (DVs, Green Cards) will be available.

Shan Potts Law Offices is pleased to announce the availability of FREE services that can assist you in submitting an entry in your name.

Further, if you are selected, we will guide you through the process, culminating with you gaining possession of your green card.

Applicants for the lottery must meet a few requirements to participate including citizenship of a qualifying country, ability to demonstrate high school education, or relevant work experience, etc.

People from six geographic regions are eligible to apply for this program. However, if you are not from one of the eligible countries you may still be able to apply if your spouse or parents are from the qualifying countries. So please contact us soon to find out if you qualify.

Additionally, during October, we will waive fees to apply for a U.S. work permit if you are eligible for this service. Simply fill out the contact form on our website home page, or send us an email below, to learn more.

Contact Shan Potts Law Offices at 323-803-7147 if you or someone you know requires legal assistance.


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