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The Importance of Legal Analysis as an Immigrant

Legal analysis is the compass guiding immigrants through the complex terrain of immigration laws, ensuring their rights are protected and their paths to citizenship are clear. It's the key to securing a stable and prosperous future in a new homeland.

Throughout the progression of 2018, the current social climate and governmental administrations have placed a heavy emphasis on all affairs related to immigration. As such, many immigrants now face different twists and turns on their journey to legitimize their status, which brings us to this: getting a legal immigration analysis from a trustworthy attorney is absolutely vital.


Since the formation of the United States of America, immigration—the process of going to live in another nation—has been a recurring theme throughout the nation’s history. In 1875, the government officially took control of all affairs regarding immigration and since then, many policies have emerged discouraging or encouraging the act. Today, we see the current administration closing down leniencies and restricting immigration at high levels. From actions such as increases in vetting, interior enforcement, and border regulations, immigrants now face a harder time trying to establish a place for themselves in the U.S. With these increases in immigration restrictions, we simultaneously observe a trend where many immigrants now seek legal analysis of their background in order to eliminate any potential fears and legitimize their status.

Legal Analysis

When it comes to seeking help from an attorney, many services tend to be offered, ranging across a broad spectrum. Such help can include a comprehensive background check, issuing identification through live scans, analyzing case files, and checking the status of an immigrant—all of which help the immigrant in question go through the bureaucratic procedures much more efficiently in order to become a legal citizen much quicker. At Shan Potts Law Offices, we in particular offer many services such as: helping to arrange an N-400 application for naturalization in order to achieve citizenship, offering Green Card services for law permanent residency in the United States, asylum services to help you train for your credible fear interview, etc.

"Getting a legal immigration analysis from a trustworthy attorney is absolutely vital." – Shan Potts


In the age that we currently live in where restrictions on immigration have become heavily enforced, working with an attorney to seek out the potential relief options becomes extremely crucial. Uncertainty is extremely prevalent when working with complex issues regarding one’s eligibility for any potential immigration relief. Therefore, having a skilled attorney who is experienced in that area eliminates any potential uncertainty. The client would be able to see exactly what it is that is holding them back from attaining their goal—whether that goal is naturalization, having a record cleared, potential fear of being deported, etc. Partnering with a lawyer can help you through those final stretches and assuage any remaining concerns.

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